jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Molfetta - Return day (Saturday)


We got up at four o'clock in the morning because the transfer to Bari was waiting for us at half past four. We thanked the parents, who were waiting for us, and said goodbye as we got on the minibus.
We arrived on time to Bari airport and then we had time to say bye bye to the Turkish people, who were already at the airport, and to go through the check-in.
We were taking off at quarter past six from Bari to Rome and when we arrived had time to have breakfast and to do some shopping. Then we took off from Rome to Malaga airport at ten o'clock and this last flight was softer than the first one, in fact they didn’t serve us anything.
Finally we were in Málaga on time again, at half past twelve, but the last transfer was waiting for us for nearly one hour at the exit gate because the luggage didn't get out till very late.
So he picked us up and we were in Nerja at half past two in the same meeting point where the trip had begun.
Definitely we had a nice trip!!!

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