miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2015

Molfetta - Day 2 (Monday)

Monday by Ricardo 1ºBTO. B

I woke up at 7:15 am and I had some chocolate milk and a croissant for breakfast. At 8:20 am, we arrived at school and the teachers introduced themselves and talked a little about the program. Then, we went for a walk and visited the old Cathedral near the sea, and we took a lot of photos. Later, we walked inside the Cathedral, where they explained its history to us. After that, we walked for like 30 minutes to go to a catering school where they served us food that the students had prepared, which was pizza, omelette, pasta and dessert. In the afternoon, we got back to the school and we, alongside Italy, Turkey, Latvia, and Greece, presented the water sports we practice in our cities or towns. All the presentations were really good and it was very interesting to see all the sports you can practice in some areas. There was a voting: teams had to decide which was the best presentation. Spain tied with Greece but in the end, the others voted the Greek as the best presentation video. Then we went home. I took a shower, I read a little bit and at 22:30 I had dinner with the family and I had pizza, hand-made by my host’s mother and then I got back to reading, and at about 23.30, I went to sleep.

Welcoming by Italian headmaster.

Erasmus+ menu at Molfetta Catering school.

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