miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2015

Molfetta - Day 3 (Tuesday)

By Natalia 1º Bach B.

I got up at 6:30 AM and we had breakfast, we had biscuits and juice. After that, we went to the bus stop and went to school. We met the other students there and we visited the "Museum of the Sea". There were a lot of things here that were used on ships. An old man told us the history about the first ship in the world. In the morning we visited "Palazzo Giovene Di Molfetta" and then we met the authority of Molfetta. They told us about Italian traditions that included Spanish culture and habits, about food, music and religion.
Then we went to Trani and visited the Cathedral. It was very beautiful and had strange shapes. We then went to the Castle of Trani. It was very big and interesting. We then went to eat at the "TPIS SAR, Aldo moro" (Catering school) but before that we had to participate in a presentation about fishes. In the afternoon we went to Castle del Monte by Federico the second. It has a different form based on the number 8 (infinite perfection). When we came back, we visited the "Goccia de Sole" which is where oil is manufactured. In the evening I went with Nicole to see the football match. Then, we went home and went to sleep. 

Reception at Molfetta Town Hall.

 At Trani castle.

 View of Trani cathedral.

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