jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Molfetta - Day 5 (Thursday)


On Thursday, Francesco and I woke up at six o’clock. Then, we went to have the breakfast. We ate milk with cereals.
We came to the school by bus and we arrived at half past seven. We went to visit the Nature Reserve of Porto Selvaggio at eight o’clock. There are good views.
After that, we went to have lunch at a local restaurant and then we went to eat an ice cream.
When we finished eating we went to visit Isola dei Conigli. It was a beautiful island. We dipped our feet in the water and it was very hot while it was raining. Then, stopped raining and the rainbow appeared.
Finally we visited the Marine Biology Museum of Porto Cesareo.
We returned to Francesco’s house at eight o’clock, I had a shower and then, we went to our “birthday party”.
First, we danced and sang and after that, we had something to eat and to drink.
Finally, we ate our birthday cake and the guys gave me the presents and I said goodbye and see you soon to them.
When we arrived to his house we went to bed.

It was a crazy Thursday!!

At Porto Selvaggio natural reserve.

At Porto Selvaggio natural reserve by Rubén.

Isola dei conigli.

Boat to Isola dei Conigli.

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