martes, 19 de mayo de 2015

Molfetta - Day 1 (Sunday)


On Sunday the 26th we started our trip for the second exchange of the Project Erasmus +. We left Nerja at 10:30 by bus but when we were going to Málaga we had a complication, the bus had a flat tyre and we were in the road waiting for another bus. After about 15 minutes another bus came and we arrived to Málaga airport. When we were in Málaga airport we went to check the bag and then we went to the gate of our flight. At 13:45 the plane took off; the plane should have taken off at 13:30 but it was delayed. The airplane landed at 16:00 and we stayed in Rome airport waiting to take another plane. We took the airplane Rome- Bari at 17:15 and we landed at Bari at about 18:00. We took the bag and we looked for a man who had got a paper that said Mr. Juan Cruz. We went to Molfetta by car. The man carried us where our Italians were. There we met our families and we went to the house.


Connecting flights at Rome airport.

Arrival at Bari airport.

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