miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Bath - Day 7 (Saturday)

Our trip to London

     On Saturday morning we went to Bath Railway Station, we said goodbye to our host families and we caught the train to Paddington Station in London. There we caught the underground to go to our youth hostel near St.Paul's Cathedral. We left the luggage in the youth hostel and we went to have lunch to an English pub, called “Ye Olde London”.

Then we met our friend Pablo Capilla who lives in London and he gave us a tour around the city. We visited the British Museum, Trafalgar Square with the National Gallery, 10 Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives), the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. We went shopping too! Later we went back to the youth hostel to have dinner and walked around St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge. We took hundreds of photos! London is fantastic!

      Afterwards we went to bed. We had to wake up at 6 in the morning to catch a train from the Black Friar’s Station to Gatwick Airport to take the flight back to Spain.

London at night from Millenium Bridge

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