miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Bath - Day 2 (Monday)

Monday in Bath (by Rodrigo)

This is a description of our Monday in Bath.
On Monday, I got up at seven o'clock and I took a bus at half past seven and I arrived at school. My colleagues and me had a lecture with the head teacher, the secondary school students and with the people from the other countries. After that we saw the whole school and later we had two lectures more, they were about water. At half past twelve we went to the dining room and we had lunch. Later we got to the centre of Bath and went to the parlour room inside to the Guildhall of Bath where the Mayor welcomed us all and gave us a speech about Bath and when we ended we got to the Roman Bath's Museum and we visited and saw the sacred springs and saw some other Roman antiques. Then we ate in Wetherspoons and finally we walked to the sports centre to the swimming pool but no one of Spain swam and at half past six our families picked us up to go back to our homes.
It was a funny day and today I obtained a good experience for remember.

Welcoming by St Gregory's headmaster. 

Bath Abbey. 

Welcoming by Bath Mayor.

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