miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Bath - Day 5 (Thursday)

Thursday the 5th (by Fran)

This morning we met a Spanish boy at St. Gregory’s school, he was from Malaga. A man talked to us about floods. Later we went to a church in Burrow Mump, this church was never finished, after that we came to Burrowbridge and we had lunch, we ate soup of vegetables and pizza. When we finished eating, five people whose houses were flooded last year talked to us about the floods. Later we went to Wells, we had an hour free and we saw the cathedral and we entered, it was very nice and it had a lot of ornaments, after that we went to the bus again. When I arrived to Bath, Lucas' father picked us up and we went to the Lucas' house. In the house, we ate pasta with tomato and chicken. Later I went to sleep.

Burrow Mump

Most of the group at Burrow Mump.

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