miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Bath - Day 6 (Friday)

Friday the 6th (by Violeta)

On Friday morning I was in Bath with the other students on the bus trip, we went to school and we started to prepare our presentations on "Water". It was easy. During the morning we had a break, and when we finished class we went to have lunch. We liked the meal, we had pizza and chips at the school cafeteria.
We presented our topics in front of the students, then we rested and then we went shopping and we visited the centre of Bath. We saw the Circus square, the fashion museum, etc.
In the evening, when we finished shopping, we went to school again and our host families were there and the Mayor of Bath too. Then we had dinner. Later we did our presentations again. 

In the end we said goodbye to all the students at the school, went back home and packed our luggage.

Bath Royal Crescent.




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