lunes, 14 de marzo de 2016

Riga - Day 5 (Thursday)

Thursday – by Carmen

On Thursday some of us had to get up earlier because some of our partners had to stay in the high school for classes. When all the people arrived we had free time. Then we started with the expositions about water. Latvian people started, then us, Greek, Turkish, Italian and finally English people. After that we had a break and some friends and me with our hosts went to McDonalds to have breakfast, a strange breakfast. 
Later, we had Latvian lessons with our partners. Then we went to eat at high school. After that we had a little competition. We could play volleyball or football, I chose volleyball, but my team didn't win. It was so funny. We finished at four o'clock more or less and some friends and me went to my host's house to be ready for the opera. We went by bus and we ate at McDonald’s again. 
After that we went to the Latvian National Opera theatre to see the opera La Traviata. We were there from six until half past eight in the evening. Finally everyone went to their houses.

Sport Competition

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