lunes, 14 de marzo de 2016

Riga - Day 7 (Saturday)

Saturday - COMING BACK HOME – by Juanjo

Saturday morning, about 4 a.m., I don´t remember last time when I was awake in these hours, before going to bed, of course, the smart phone alarm rings and we need to wake up.  I’m afraid everything is finished.
Juan and I, with gummy eyes, decided to take a shower and go down to the hotel reception to take our taxi to the airport… we had to be there before five!
       Our girls and boy arrived soon, like they always do, at the right time, and after some tear drops, many hugs and promises we were willing to begin the return trip… a lot of hours by plane with a stop in the city of lights.
       After some sandwiches and coffees in the airport we took the plane to Paris… If I talk sincerely I don’t remember anything in the aircraft, nice and repairing dream… I only remember a nice stewardess asking my mane and giving me six mixed croissants and bottles of water… I think it was a question of flying companies, but other travelers in the cabin looked at me with envy.
      I don’t know if some of us saw Paris from the air, because we were sleeping. It’s a great pity.
      After a long walk across Charles de Gaulle airport, by the way… so huge, we found our gate of departure, enjoyed our unexpected croissants, I’m sure we paid for them in the tickets two months before, and, because the waiting was so long, we even ate some French sandwiches… 
     We had to stay such a long time in the airport because there was a lot of police control, there were soldiers everywhere, controlling the suspicious people in the airport, since there were terrorist alarms.
     During the trip to Malaga, some of us could sleep a bit, or when clouds cleared we could see some nice views through the windows, and enjoy them.
      Finally we arrived at Malaga airport, maybe tired, maybe wishing to come back home, maybe desiring  to sleep in our beds, but with a simple but t-shirt that the Latvian people had given us as a gift, and with a little, or not so little part of our hearts living forever in Riga.  This is the most important gift for all the travelers; to improve their minds and hearts and leave part of it in every lovely place they visit.
                                                                                        To my companions. 


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