viernes, 8 de enero de 2016

Riga - Day 4 (Wednesday)

Wednesday the 30th of October – by Natalia

When we woke up, we had breakfast and went to the highschool. Later we got on the bus and headed to Kuldiga, a town with waterfalls, but before arriving, we stopped four times, we had breakfast and we also took a walk in the woods and we saw some creepy dolls.
Pedvale museum is an open air field with sculptures carved in wood or stone that represent a metaphor of the world we live in, they are a mixture of man-made creations such as TVs and nature. Some sculptures are made with recycled material such as cloth or old televisions.
When we arrived in town (Kuldiga), we took a walk around the waterfalls and went to eat, but later we saw the town and when we entered the bus, we talked to the Italians and some people fell asleep. When we arrived in Riga we went to our houses because we were tired.

Spooky dolls

Group picture



Television to nature

Kuldiga waterfalls

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