viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

Riga - Day 3 (Tuesday)

Tuesday in Riga – by Andrea

On Tuesday, I got up at 7:30 and I ate a hotdog for breakfast. Then I went to the "Purvciems Riga" high school and we were split into two groups.
The first group went to a classroom for a painting lesson and the second group were playing a game. It was a game with questions and answers, a quiz. If you said the correct answer you earned points.
When the two groups finished their activities they changed.
Then we were playing the piano and singing with the other students of the different countries.
At eleven o`clock we went to the school and we ate some typical sweets from Latvia.
Then we went on the bus to go to Jurmala. We stopped in a forest to see a museum of and we had a walk from the forest to the beach.
After that we had lunch, we ate salmon.
When we arrived to the high school at 5 o`clock we went bowling with our hosts. It was really funny. There we ate some pizza and we went back to our homes.
When I was at home I had a shower and I went to bed at 12 o`clock.

Art lesson at Purvciems

 The work of students and teachers


  Jurmala beach

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