viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

Riga - Day 2 (Monday)

On Monday: Arrival to school – by Carla

I got up at 7:00 am. I went to the high school at 8:30 am. There we visited the classes; the headmaster spoke to us about the school. It has many students (more than 1200) from children to teenagers; primary to secondary (12 grades).
Then we had a little coffee time and we went to the bus to go Riga center.
There, two students from 12 grade explained to us some interesting things about a few famous monuments. We also visited the City Hall and the mayor talked to us about the city, and gave us some presents from Riga.
We visited the Old Town in Riga, there we took a lot of photos and it was more beautiful than the center.
We ate in a restaurant called "Lido" (it's a well-known restaurant for its food), however I didn't like it too much.
After that we bought bus tickets and we went to Andrey's house. There we played "fifa" and made some silly things. At 19:30 we took the bus and came back home.
When we arrived I had dinner and after that I helped Polina with her Spanish homework. Then I had a shower and went to bed.

Headmaster's welcome at Purvciems

With the mayor of Riga

At the City Hall

Outside the City Hall

The three brothers at Old town Riga

 Group picture

 Latvian National monument

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